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Red: abundance of energy


Red is associated with Earth, with being grounded, with the lower part of the body, legs and spine. The red tachyon helps us feel security and reliability, no matter what is happening around us. It could give support during birth giving.

If we feel low and we have lack of energy, then the red tachyon comes to help us.





Orange: creativity


Orange is the colour of creativity, sexuality, joy and power. It is associated with genitals, kidneys, liquids in the body. Orange helps us concentrate on this moment now.

If you suffer from skin problems or depression, orange is the appropriate colour for you.





Yellow: emotional balance


Yellow is associated with pancreas and the digestive system. This colour helps us in case of emotional disharmony, problems linked with the lack of personal power, low self-esteem, anger or when we feel put off by someone. Yellow gives us dynamics and energy, it is responsible for self-approval.

Yellow can be of great use for you in moments, when you feel that your emotions are out of balance.





Green: straight from the heart


Green is the colour of the heart, lungs, thymus, circulatory and respiratory system. It is associated with personal and spiritual growth and helps us hear the voice of our heart. Green as a colour has very calming effect, it gives us balance in situations of stress. It helps us transform the negative emotions in positive ones, to feel compassion and tolerance towards others.

Green helps us recharge our batteries when we feel exhausted.






Light blue: the exact words


Light blue is connected to the throat, neck, thyroid, vocal cords, larynx, pharynx. It symbolizes all forms of art and verbal communication. Light blue can be of great use when we find difficulties in expressing ourselves or when people don’t understand us. This colour supports the process of purifying the body, mind and emotions. Furthermore light blue helps us accept the opposites, decrease the feeling of hunger and thirst and feel compassion. It supports the process of healing.


Light blue is extremely suitable for people who feel isolated, alone, misunderstood or have difficulties in communication, as well as for teachers, lecturers, writers and all people, who need to express themselves well.






Sapphire blue: intuition


The sapphire blue is associated with intuition, insight, inner peace and harmony. With this colour your mind becomes strong and stable. It is connected to the epiphysis. Sapphire blue helps the process of healing. It helps cultivating qualities as compassion, unconditional love, strength, courage, satisfaction, seeking the truth, intelligence, creativity.  


Sapphire blue can neutralize the tendency to take the emotions and moods of others. It is suitable for extremely sensitive people.





Amethyst: spiritual growth


Amethyst is associated with the brain and the pineal gland. The dealing with this colour has to be careful and conscious, because our point of view and our actions are extremely important with it. According to the spiritual teachings this is the colour of 7-th energy center, which is the place of higher consciousness.


The colour amethyst is extremely suitable for spiritual growth practices.





Opal: self-knowledge


Opal is the colour of the moon and the reflected light. It helps us find the hidden potential within us, but because of that exactly it is not suitable for all. The opal has a good influence on memory and gives us sincerity in the relations with others.


The colour opal is suitable when you want to express the best of yourself and your true you.





Crystal: self-confidence and trust


The crystal colour is connected to purity in all levels. It supports the process of thinking. It helps us increase our self-confidence and awareness. The crystal colour is neutral, it doesn’t have anything that we could define as colour.

It is not associated with definite part of the body and that is why with its neutrality it could help in many cases. That makes the application of the crystal colour extremely wide. 





White: to find the strength to act


White is the colour of action. It helps us attract ideas or do the fist steps in certain activity, so that it could be realized. White helps us retain the purity and the innocence of a child within us. Actually white is not a specific colour, it is presence of all colours at one time. That is why it gives us wholeness and completeness. White helps us put away the obstacles from our path.  


White is extremely suitable for people who have a lot of ideas but are worried to begin realizing them.






Black: abundance


Black represents the great female energy. It is a symbol of Earth and brings fruitfulness and abundance. Black colour is extremely suitable if we need to prepare ourselves for the unknown and to feel secure.

It helps us gain control over ourselves.




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