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Frequently asked questions

What is the tachyon energy?

Tachyon energy is one of the many energies which exist in our universe and other universes. The speed of this energy is 1.28 times faster than the speed of light.

What are the tachyon products?

Tachyon products are material objects, which have the ability to attract tachyon energy. We can say that these products follow the tachyons in order to invite them. One of the main qualities of Terra Tachyon products is their capacity to interact with people, animals, plants and rooms. These products respect the free will of the person who uses them giving him/her only the quantity of energy he/she needs.

Why these products are called Terra Tachyon products?

Martina Bochnik and Tommy Thomsen are the first in Europe who showed deep interest in the spiritual foundation of the energy in the beginning of the 90s. Terra Tachyon is the general name for the work with tachyon energy on Earth, as well as the title of their first book. In this book the principals of the energy are described for the very fist time. (Terra Tachyon, now this first book is part of Tachyon Code 1). The aim was, is and will be to study thoroughly the tachyon energy, which is hiding behind the barrier of the speed of light.

What is so special about tachyons?  

Tachyon energy is discovered in 1964 by the American physician Gerald Feinberg. According to his physical definition, tachyons are very small units, which do not contain matter and are faster than the speed of light. Because of its speed, they can go distances at once and they seem to be all-pervasive. Tachyons are kind of free energy that permeates us and surrounds us all the time. But at some point our physical bodies forgot how to use it. Tachyons give us the ability to practice spiritual work with energy. Typical for tachyons is that they don’t have any negative effect, unlike orgon energy for example. They don’t have polarity and that is why they are not a “normal” part of the material system on planet Earth. And exactly because of that with their help are possible an extremely diversity of good effects.

How are tachyon products produced?  

Tachyon products attract tachyon energy. They create permanent field around them and that is why they can offer us energy in a very simple and easy way. The energy of the molecular structure of our products is being changed with special machine. Glass, silk and essential oils are being transformed into tachyon products most easily. The tachyon field can interact with the person who uses it very easily.

What do tachyon products do? 

Tachyon products stimulate the dense and subtle bodies of humans, animals and plants. This is possible because of the diversity which tachyons carry within. Tachyons have harmonizing, balancing and cheering effect, because the person who uses them connects with his personal long-term potential. The needed pace is different and extremely individual. In general we can say that when using tachyons its up to you what you are going to create and enhance.

For what purposes tachyon products can be used? Are they really medicines for all illnesses as some publications say?

The tachyons can be used in different ways: as medallions, at home; to enhance the energy quality of water frequencies or electro smog; for meditation, for harmonizing on physical and emotional level, and also for all other energy levels of human beings. Tachyons are cure for all illnesses in the degree, in which all other forms of energy are. Actually there isn’t anything that is a cure for every disease; there are only methods that have different effect. The more specific and focused the use of tachyons is, the more effective they are. But they are no escalator to enlightenment.

How can a nonprofessional be sure that he has received an effective tachyon product?

This can be proved with pendulum or a kinesiological test. Effectiveness is something different for the different people. Each person has to estimate for himself if specific product is suitable for him, for example as colour or individuality. Unfortunately there is no method or possibility to find out if the different products available on the market really give us tachyon energy. This is so, because there is no measuring machine for subtle energies. But using a pendulum or similar indirect method for measuring you can ask the following questions:

  *Tachyons? yes/no

  *Is this product having a positive effect on me? yes/no

  *Is this product breaking my free will? yes/no

  *Is this a different kind of energy, for example orgon? yes/no

How do tachyons go in the products?

Tachyons are not kept or contained in the products. The products are like antennas through which the tachyon energy is constantly going. The products retain this function because of the special procedure, which changes the structure of the raw material (glass, silk and other) in a way that they are able to connect with tachyons.

Is the energy of the products run out of at a certain point?

No, tachyons are being attracted and offered to the person who uses the product until the product exists. Even if there is a missing corner this doesn’t ruin its function.

Is there a problem to give my tachyon to someone else?

No, there is no problem. The products don’t pick up and store energy, because they constantly attract and radiate tachyon energy and this energy purifies them. That is why one product can be used by several people in the family or in therapeutic procedures for example. 

Do I have to believe in tachyons so that they have an effect on me?

No, there is no need. Otherwise tachyons wouldn’t have had an effect on small kids, animals, plants, gem stones or rates of accidents on highways.

The idea of our products is to be used in situations of the daily life and this way you can feel their effect and have personal experience with tachyons. Your personal experience is most important.

In the moment you take a product in your hand or use it as a medallion, you are already “inviting the energy” to support you. Of course the more conscious the use of the products is, the more intensive the effect will be.

How can I understand which products suits me best?

You can decide from our detailed description and/or just follow your intuition.

Is there something else I need to be careful with when I use the tachyon products?

There is just one but very important point: never use tachyons together with an orgon radiator or in orgon cabine. These two forms of energy are uncombinable.

Can tachyon products be used together with different energy products or work with other energy as reiki for example?

Yes, except for the orgon, our products can be combined very well and enhance the effect of all other products and methods of energy work. You can also use several tachyon products together.




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