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дърво на живота

Tree of life – 60 mm

The tree of life helps us find and fulfill our potential. It supports the mental process and all activities connected to it. It helps us think more clearly, become more concentrated and choose wisely what is most important at the moment. The tree of life helps us orientate and find our own path. It gives us confidence in our own strength and in our own assessment. If you want to find your own path and to learn to trust yourself, the tree of life is your tachyon. You can wear the tree of life as a pendant, so that it supports you throughout the day.


Cone – 30 mm

The cone helps us feel better in our own skin. It is a gorgeous decoration for your home which will bring in beauty and harmony. You can use the cone during meditation or during different kinds of therapies and massage. When you direct the top of the cone at your body, this stimulates little zones very intensively.


Small ring – 20 mm

The health and wellbeing of the body is main care of ours. And the main care of the ring is to help us fulfill this task. We can put the ring directly on the places of the body we want to take care of and to stay like this several minutes. We can also wear the small ring as a pendant, but the energy going through it is very concentrated, that is why it is not advisable to wear it more than 20-30 minutes at a time. If we combine the small ring with the tree of life, we can wear them throughout the day. Or we can just put the ring as a decoration in a room, where it will bring in health and harmony. 


среден обръч

Medium ring - 35 mm

The main care of the medium ring is the body. Unlike the small ring, the energy of the medium ring is not so intensive, that is why you can keep the medium ring always with you. You can wear it as a pendant or just put it in your bag. Because of its soft and tender energy and because of its bigger size, the medium ring is the ideal tachyon for your children.




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