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In physics the tachyon energy is energy that travels faster than the speed of light. And as the magnet creates magnetic field around it and attracts magnetic energy, the same way tachyon products create tachyon field around them and attract tachyon energy.


Tachyons are made of special fine substance on the dividing line between glass and crystal, which is tachyonized by special technology. This way they attract tachyon energy and supply the human body with it on all levels. 


Tachyons are friends of ours, which main aim is to take care of us bringing in our life harmony, energy and balance. They help us think more clearly, organize our day better and follow our aims with more discipline. When we are under presure with their help we are able to relax, and when we feel exhausted, they help us recharge our batteries. In short tachyons are wholehearted friends of everyone who decides to invite them in his/her life.


With their tender shapes and colours tachyons stimulate us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. They can help us in every aspect of our life. We can use them at home as a beautiful decoration, which will bring in the room not only joy for the eyes, but also harmony and balance.


Tachyons can be used as pendants and this way they help us keep our balance during the day. And if we practice meditation, tachyons can be of great use there too.


Tachyons can fulfill the function of healing stones, but the difference between the real healing stones and tachyons is that tachyon can not be polluted energetically. And if you deal with healing stones you can purify their energy periodically with one of the tachyons.


As we know, everything is energy. With their colour and shape tachyons radiate their tender soft energy, which tunes according to our needs. If we need to cheer up, they cheer us up. If we need to relax, they help us relax. Sometimes the way of functioning seems to us too confusing, but it is not needed for us to understand how exactly everything works as long as it serves us. We may not know all details about how all mechanisms in the car work, but we can use it. The same thing is with tachyons – we don’t need to understand how exactly they work in detail, as long as they help us.


We wish you harmony, positive energy and balance! Welcome to the world of tachyons!




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Списание "Усури": За тахионите
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